A store announced on Monday a discount of a good at 10 percent.On Friday the store announced an increase in the discount so that the discount from Friday would be 15percent.1. What is the percentage increase in the discount between Monday and Friday?2. When the announced price after the 10 percent discount was 495 DKK, what was then the priceafter the announcement of the 15 percent discount?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answers are :1. 5%.2. 467.50 DKK.Step-by-step explanation:Given:Discount on Monday of a good at 10 percent.Increase discount on Friday would be 15 percent. 1. Difference between the percentage = [tex]15-10=5%[/tex].So, the percentage increase in discount is [tex]5%[/tex].2. First, the actual price means the price without discount should be calculated.So,let the actual price be [tex]x[/tex]:According to question, [tex]90%[/tex]of[tex]x=495 DKK[/tex]=[tex]\frac{90x}{100}=495[/tex]Multiplying both sides by 100[tex]\frac{90x}{100}\times100=495\times100[/tex]=[tex]90x=495[/tex]Dividing both sides by 90[tex]\frac{90x}{90} =\frac{49500}{90}[/tex]=[tex]550[/tex].And, now the price after the announcement of the [tex]15%[/tex] discount[tex]100-15=85%[/tex] of [tex]550[/tex]=[tex]85[/tex]% of [tex]550[/tex]=[tex]\frac{85}{100}\times550[/tex]=[tex]\frac{46750}{100}[/tex]=[tex]467.50[/tex].So, the price after the announcement of the [tex]15[/tex] percent discount is [tex]467.50[/tex] DKK.Therefore, the answers are :1. 5%.2. 467.50 DKK. Β