Find the decimal that is equivalent to:

Accepted Solution

Answer: .27Step-by-step explanation: When we are given the fraction like 3/11 this is basically telling us that we are dividing 3 by 11. When we want to convert a fraction like 3/11, we can use our algorithm for division. The first thing we look at is if 11 divides into 3 which it does not. This means that we have to put a decimal point on top of the 3. Now, we can bring in a zero next to 3 and we can ask ourselves does 11 go into 30 and it does twice. Now, we will put a 2 to the right of our decimal point. We can now multiply 2 by our denominator of the fraction which is 11 and we get a product of 22. We can put 22 below the 30. Now, we need to subtract 30 - 22 which gives us 8 so we can put 8 below the 22. Now, we can ask ourselves does 11 go into 8 and it does not and we can bring down another zero. Since 11 goes into 8 7 times, we can put a 7 next to our 2 on top. Since it keeps repeating, we can just round it to the hundredth term or we can put bar notation to show that it keeps going.