The revenue from selling x necklaces is r(x) -10x. The cost of buying x necklaces is c(x) 4x 15 The profit from selling x necklaces is px) -x)-c) Write a function for p(x), the profit from selling x necklaces. O A. p(x) 6x 15 O B. p(x) -14x-15 O C p(x) -14x + 15 O D. p(x)- 6x -15

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is B) p(x) = -14x - 15Step-by-step explanation:To find this, start by writing the function as indicated. p(x) = r(x) - c(x) Now input the functions into the appropriate spots. p(x) = -10x - (4x + 15)p(x) = -10x - 4x - 15p(x) = -14x - 15